Sustainable regional development through our businesses

The third axis of our CSR strategy is central, as it measures the purpose of our businesses.

How can we make a positive contribution to our customers' environmental footprint? For example, when we repair water pipes or railway tunnels, when we develop renewable energies in our territories, when we recycle waste into new materials, or when we clean up soil and water, we need to be able to demonstrate our positive impact on the local environment.

Our businesses serving... energy

SERFIM is developing skills and actions across the entire energy value chain, from production to the end consumer, in local and regional areas, in buildings, in the service of alternative mobility, but also for the implementation of efficient heating and lighting systems.

... water

SERFIM offers a wide range of expertise in water management. Whether we're talking about drinking water or wastewater treatment, production or distribution, or groundwater with operations on pumping or pollution, our know-how and achievements underpin our commitment to preserving one of mankind's most precious resources. Each of our companies is involved in the water cycle, with a view to safeguarding the environment.

... recycling and the circular economy

Cleaning, collecting, sorting, receiving, preparing and recycling are the daily tasks of our employees for public and private players, with a 24-hour on-call service. SERFIM has been constantly innovating for over 25 years by developing industrial partnerships. Offering alternative solutions to landfill, our collective gives a second life to waste and multiplies recycling channels to limit both our impact on the environment and that of our customers. Our clear objective is to promote the use of recycled materials and preserve natural resources.

... infrastructure and mobility

Through the renovation of railway tunnels, the refurbishment of river navigation facilities and the creation of cycle paths and pedestrian walkways, our businesses contribute to the reinforcement of low-carbon mobility and the reduction of the environmental footprint of infrastructures.
With the effects of climate change already on the rise, our activities must also help to increase the resilience of infrastructures, in the service of the adaptation of territories and uses.

... intelligent territories

The aim of this business is to help local authorities reduce their environmental footprint by closely monitoring their key indicators and accurately measuring the impact of their environmental policies. Controlling energy consumption, measuring and monitoring air quality and noise levels, remote metering of water, gas and electricity, flood prevention, optimizing waste collection...SERFIM supports its customers, both public and private, at every stage of the project, from the installation of radio and network infrastructures to the transmission and valorization of data.

SERFIM's commitment

For more than 150 years, our businesses have focused on regional development, which we now want to be as sustainable as possible: distributing energy by optimizing network efficiency, repairing and renewing water networks to preserve resources, repairing engineering structures to promote rail and river transport, recycling waste and recovering secondary materials, depolluting soil and water, producing renewable energy, enabling regions to measure and manage their key environmental elements using smart technologies...

Our businesses have a key role to play in ensuring the resilience of our territories and preserving the quality of life of their inhabitants.

Tons of materials recycled
Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.
km of drinking water and wastewater networks renewed
of SATIF's Board of Directors for the renewal of river transport facilities

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