Alexandra Mathiolon, CEO SERFIM


SERFIM was built on action, in the regions, close to the people and their needs. With one objective in mind: to be useful. Being useful means above all doing our job and doing it well. It also means putting our professions at the service of the living. This includes our employees, the citizens we work for on a daily basis, as well as biodiversity and, more broadly, the planet's limits.


Alexandra Mathiolon

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The Management Committee

Sébastien Bonnet
Sébastien BONNET President SERFIM Energie
Didier Déal
Didier DEAL President SERFIM T.I.C.
Alain Dumestre
Alain DUMESTRE Chairman SERFIM Dépollution
Régis Dumolard
Régis DUMOLARD Information Systems Director SERFIM
Johann Fourrier
Johann FOURRIER President SERFIM Eau
Jean Marc Gamet
Jean-Marc GAMET Chief Financial Officer SERFIM, Chairman SERFIM Immobilier
Raphaël Gas
Raphaël GAS Chairman SERFIM Recyclage
Marie Anne Gobert
Marie-Anne GOBERT Communications, PR, CSR and Synergies Director
Philippe Molin
Philippe MOLIN Director SERFIM Route
Jacques Poncet
Jacques PONCET Chairman SERFIM Ouvrages d'Art

Supervisory Board

SERFIM's Supervisory Board, made up of independent family members, is the guarantor of the company's long-term viability. It represents the shareholders and ensures that the strategy implemented is well aligned with the company's raison d'être and values.

- Guy Mathiolon - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

- Virginie Decia-Mathiolon

- Caroline Ramirez

- Karine Dognin-Sauze - Independent director

Guy Mathiolon