Alexandra Mathiolon
President and CEO SERFIM

A committed career

With a strong environmental conscience, Alexandra Mathiolon trained as a Civil Engineer at the Ecole Nationale des Mines de Saint-Etienne. She worked on the energy efficiency of buildings during a first professional experience in Singapore.

Wishing to acquire a dual scientific and economic dimension to better understand the issues linked to energy and the environment, she decided to pursue her studies in London, where she obtained a "Master of Sciences Sustainable Energies Futures" at Imperial College.

She then joined McKinsey & Company as a strategy consultant. In the course of her assignments, she met a number of senior executives and observed how companies were taking the environment into account.

In 2018, keen to work on a long-term project, she joined the family-owned ETI SERFIM, bringing together 2,700 employees around the public works, environment, T.I.C., industry and real estate businesses, as Deputy General Manager for the SERFIM Energy branch.

She quickly put in place a development strategy for the companies acquired by the ETI, and in particular managed the development of the SERFIM Renewable Energies branch.

In January 2020, she was appointed Managing Director of SERFIM. Highly committed to social and environmental issues, she took part in the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat, a major event that led to the establishment of a 5-point roadmap to encourage safety, equal opportunities, health and well-being for all, the reduction of the company's environmental footprint, the regeneration of life and biodiversity, and independent corporate governance at SERFIM.

These commitments are reflected in SERFIM's raison d'être:

Alexandra is appointed CEO in January 2023. Convinced that financial criteria alone are not enough to assess a company's performance, she integrates social, environmental and societal criteria at the heart of her strategy.