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Diver safety

December 4, 2023
SNETI Travaux Sous Marins

Diving into the heart of the Assises des Travaux Sous-Marins organized by SNETI

As president of the Syndicat National des Entrepreneurs de Travaux Immergés (SNETI) in 2022, Arnaud Laval, CEO of Satif, has set himself two major objectives for his term of office: to organize the 2nd Assises des Travaux Sous-Marins in Lyon in 2023, and to promote changes in regulations to enhance diver safety.

Arnaud's first objective was achieved, as the 2nd Assises des Travaux Sous-Marins was held on November 27 and 28 at Lyon's Matmut Stadium. And in view of the conclusions of the first day of discussions, dedicated specifically to the safety of hyperbaric work, Arnaud's second objective also appears to be on track. The professionals in attendance were presented with the pitfalls of current regulations, and the plans for regulatory changes that will be proposed to the Direction Générale du Travail (DGT).

Tighter regulations

Convinced that a certain number of accidents could have been avoided with firmer regulations, Arnaud Laval is resolutely committed to working with the OPPBTP* and CARSAT* to draw up a compendium of best practices, which will be the subject of recommendation sheets within CARSAT.
Together, they are defending the introduction of a framework that will clearly define the number of divers required for the most high-risk operations. For while current regulations impose a minimum threshold of three divers, they do not require any increase in manpower when work is carried out on structures presenting major risks to the safety of crews, as is the case in water treatment plants, dams or during deep dives. By not requiring a minimum number of divers on these specific sites, and by leaving this choice to the discretion of the employer, the current situation opens up the possibility of favoring a reduced budget over worker safety.

"Our aim in taking these steps is to guarantee optimum safety for divers working on hazardous sites. Work in this direction is
now well underway, and we're confident that we'll see the regulations evolve by mid-2025, by the time the entire process has been completed with the DGTl,"
adds Arnaud Laval.

The Assises were also an opportunity for the 180 attendees to meet Theo Mavrostomos, record-holder of the deepest professional dive (-701 m) since 1992, who told the audience about his experience and his vision of the profession and its evolution.

Arnaud LAVAL, Alexandra MATHIOLON, Paul DUPHIL