Regenerating life through our businesses

Our fourth area of CSR concerns the living world.
This is a complex issue, often still little dealt with by companies, involving respect for biodiversity and regeneration, in other words, our ability to reconstitute nature - and therefore the living world. Here, it's not so much a question of reducing our negative environmental impact as of guaranteeing a positive effect on our environment, thanks to our professions.


One of our businesses is to clean up soil and water so that life can return to normal. This involves two main activities:

- Site remediation: rehabilitation of brownfield sites, elimination of concentrated pollution, treatment of plumes, management of ecological emergencies. Our expertise provides our customers with tailor-made solutions for dealing with their environmental liabilities and regenerating their sites.

- Effluent treatment: we offer a range of remediation tools adapted to each situation to treat effluent.

The constant quest for innovation and a strong CSR approach are at the heart of our business and our development.

Land re-fertilization

Farmland is under threat everywhere. In France, every second, 25m2 of natural land disappears, the equivalent of a soccer pitch every 5 minutes and a whole département every 7 years.

To respond to the environmental emergency, SERFIM deploys treatment platforms and remediation tools for the various types of pollution, in order to recycle tons of excavated soil.

Species preservation

Our businesses, whatever they may be, are in constant contact with the living world.
The sites on which we operate are in themselves spaces on which we can take direct action: de-silting, re-vegetating, choosing species that are both adapted to the effects of climate change, but also for their benefits (welcoming biodiversity, cooling heat islands, etc.)
As part of our skills, during the execution of our numerous worksites involving or not the installation or rehabilitation of infrastructures, we have the opportunity to choose to preserve animal and plant species, and to carry out our developments to facilitate the cohabitation of this biodiversity and human activities.

SERFIM's commitment

This new axis of our CSR strategy is particularly close to our hearts. Here, we are not
only committed to reducing our negative externalities or those of our customers, but also to
developing a positive contribution from an environmental or societal point of view. We reaffirm the link
between our businesses and the living world, of which we are all stakeholders: biodiversity, of course,
animal species, but also men and women, all cohabiting in the same ecosystem, that of our
planet, all interdependent.
Our ambition: that each of our businesses contributes in its own way to the regeneration of the living world.

Tons of land refertilized.
Tons of soil cleaned up.
SERFIM's turnover dedicated to the regeneration of living organisms.
hours of training on life regeneration.

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