Promoting safety, equality, health and well-being for all

SERFIM Sécurité

The first axis of our CSR strategy concerns the women and men of SERFIM who work on a daily basis.

First and foremost, safety is a non-negotiable priority, for which we are implementing a demanding strategy to achieve and maintain a culture of prevention at all levels. With health, quality of life at work, equal opportunities and skills development through training.

Safety and prevention, a prerequisite and non-negotiable priority

We are committed to prevention management, as embodied by a QSE committee that brings together all the Group's prevention specialists every month.
We have also set up an internal challenge, the SERFIM d'OR, which rewards the employees of the most virtuous companies in terms of safety (accident rate below 3% of total workforce).

Sustainable jobs, an attractive company

Through the diversity of our activities and the prevalence of human values in our DNA, we are committed to developing a lasting and positive impact on employment in the regions in which we operate. Our expertise in work-study programs enables us to give priority to this training and recruitment channel. It's a win-win approach: as well as meeting local needs, it strengthens our attractiveness and our employer brand.

Promoting equal opportunities

As a vehicle for the transmission of knowledge and a source of local, sustainable employment, SERFIM plays a major role in social transformation. Our corporate university, SERFIM Académie, is a tool for the development of everyone's skills. Our expertise in work-study programs makes this a preferred recruitment and training channel. Equal opportunity also involves our efforts to achieve a more balanced representation of men and women, disabled workers and people on integration schemes. We are actively working on all these issues.

Health and Quality of Life at Work

SERFIM takes to heart the quality of life at work and the preservation of its employees' health. We listen to our employees' needs and adapt to their individual work rhythms, while maintaining close links with them.

SERFIM's commitment

Human values are an essential part of our DNA. Our responsibility is to take care of our employees, without whom our company would not exist, and to do everything possible to ensure their safety, equal opportunities, health and quality of life at work.

New employees (+9.4%)
Safety and prevention awareness rate
of women (+56% in 5 years)
apprentices/work-study students
hours of training (20h per employee)
hours of support by social worker

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