In the early 2000s, with the emergence of new information and communication technologies, we diversified our business by integrating ICT skills into our areas of expertise.

From fiber deployment to road traffic management, from digital communication to video surveillance...

SERFIM T.I.C now offers its expertise in connected territories:

Thanks to our networks, local authorities can deploy a range of low-bandwidth sensors connected to any point in their territory. The applications are numerous, serving quality of life and environmental protection:

- Measuring and monitoring energy consumption
- Measuring and monitoring air quality
- Measuring and monitoring noise Remote reading: water, gas, electricity...
- Flood prevention
- Parking space management
- Optimizing waste collection

SERFIM wanted to optimize its processes by equipping itself with a powerful tool: GALAXIM.
Built on a high-performance technical environment by nearly 150 employees (operators, support functions, etc.) across all business sectors, GALAXIM is a secure and efficient tool that facilitates data exchange between teams, provides a cross-functional view of the company and facilitates decision-making.

We have also put in place an IT disaster recovery plan for several datacenters, automatic monitoring systems run 24 hours a day by an external service provider, and regular employee awareness campaigns.
SERFIM T.I.C has obtained the ISO 27001 label, certifying the security of our data and infrastructures to all our stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

In the age of mobility and collaborative working, digital applications are essential to the organization of our work. Designed to meet the needs of every employee, DIGIT'UP is a program designed to provide support in the use of digital tools and to raise awareness of cybersecurity. It includes an E-Learning platform and webinars.

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