Innovation is one of SERFIM's DNA genes. From the outset, our strength has been based on the freedom of invention and creativity given to our teams. And this is true in all branches and at all hierarchical levels. SERFIM and its managers have always
known how to value and give everyone the desire to invent and propose solutions to improve our systems.

Based on its historical businesses, SERFIM was quick to take on board the challenges facing society and the environment, first by developing pollution control, then recycling. More recently, new information and communication technologies and renewable energies have enriched our offerings.
These developments demonstrate the great adaptability of our teams, who ultimately provide our customers with the most optimal solutions.
SERFIM is fortunate to be able to rely on professionals who know how to renew themselves: all our teams and employees at
can be proud to contribute to making SERFIM ever more in tune with the times.

Raphaël GAS, President of SERFIM Recyclage, coordinator of the SERFIM Innovation Committee

Set up in 2008, our dedicated Innovation Committee demonstrates the extent to which the culture of innovation is an essential component of SERFIM's values. Listening to employees, its ambition is to create a space conducive to collective intelligence, enabling the infusion of innovative ideas from all business lines and branches. Each year, it also organizes an internal innovation challenge, EUREKA, designed as a tool for the emergence of projects, where each employee can openly present his or her innovation.

The committee also acts as a creator of synergies, calling on the expertise of external design offices and competitive clusters to overcome technological obstacles. This is reflected in the Group's membership of the Excellence Industrie consortium, alongside six major industrial players (Biomérieux, EDF, HEF, Bosh-Rexroth, SNCF, Vicat).


SERFIM Recyclage innovation awards ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the Eureka competition.

SERFIM's commitment

Bring out the best ideas from employees in all professions, in relation to improving production tools, communication, safety, and the environmental and social transition.

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