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SERFIM: A land of opportunity

With a range of 10 professions, we offer our employees a myriad of career development opportunities. Innovation, R&D, development of new activities... Each of our divisions is committed to the sustainable development of our territories, and can therefore respond to the individual aspirations of our employees.

Our commitment to professional development is tangibly demonstrated through the SERFIM Académie corporate university. This subsidiary embodies our determination to support our employees throughout their professional careers. SERFIM Académie offers training programs tailored to each stage of a career, guaranteeing constant skills enhancement and ongoing professional development.

At Serfim, we are deeply convinced that the well-being of our employees is the foundation of our collective success. This is why we have placed the human factor at the heart of our corporate strategy. The first axis of our CSR strategy reflects the implementation of initiatives based on well-being in the workplace, fostering a positive, inclusive professional environment conducive to personal and professional fulfillment.

Retaining our talent

Employee loyalty is a top priority. We believe in building long-lasting, rewarding relationships with our teams. We encourage the development of strong bonds within the company, creating a solid corporate culture and a sense of belonging. Opportunities for internal advancement are encouraged, offering our employees the chance to grow within the company and actively contribute to our collective success.

Careers for the future

Beyond career development, Serfim stands out for its businesses focused on sustainable regional development. In an ever-changing world, our strategy focuses on ensuring the long-term viability of our activities in meaningful businesses of the future. Pollution control, renewable energies, Smart City, recycling, sustainable mobility... these issues occupy a prominent place in our portfolio of activities and contribute to the preservation of the environment, offering our employees the opportunity to work in constantly evolving sectors while actively participating in the construction of a more sustainable future.

We are proud to cultivate a professional environment where everyone can flourish and contribute to our shared success. At Serfim, we are committed to building rewarding and sustainable professional futures.


Take part in the great adventure of sustainable regional development!

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