A human adventure

SERFIM Student Day

Welcome to SERFIM

A company where human adventure takes on its full meaning! With nearly 150 years of history and a resolutely forward-looking vision, we are proud to be a family-run Entreprise de Taille Intermédiaire (ETI) with 2,700 passionate employees. At SERFIM, we believe in the strength of the men and women who make up our team, because it's together that we shape excellence every day.

Together in the same direction

We are proud to share a common vision: to contribute to the sustainable development of our territories. At SERFIM, we work collectively for a more sustainable future, a noble mission that gives meaning to our daily work. Our 10 complementary business sectors create an exceptional synergy, offering our employees a unique and stimulating professional wealth.

Much more than a simple structure, SERFIM embodies a real community united around strong values such as solidarity and team spirit. Throughout the year, our calendar is punctuated by convivial events that strengthen the bonds between employees. We make a point of fostering a positive and dynamic working atmosphere, because we are convinced that collective success is born of individual well-being.

This vision is reflected in every aspect of our environment: from the quality of our workspaces to our equipment, we are committed to providing a setting that is conducive to professional fulfillment. We provide our teams with a wide range of services, including concierge services, sports facilities and crèche places, because we are convinced that fulfilled employees are the driving force behind a company that moves forward.

Joining SERFIM means becoming part of an exceptional human adventure, within a company that listens to its talents and is resolutely focused on the future. What if you were to consider SERFIM as your next professional destination?

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Take part in the great adventure of sustainable regional development!

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