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SERFIM, at the service of sustainable regional development and quality of life

SERFIM is an independent, family-owned ETI, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2025, and whose capital is both family-owned and employee-owned. We employ 2,700 people. Our activities are spread across some forty companies, and we are present throughout France and also in Spain, via our hundred or so locations.

Our activities revolve around a dozen very concrete business lines, whose purpose is tangible and useful to everyone's daily life.
In a nutshell:
- We install and repair energy, water and district heating networks,
- We clean up soil and water pollution,
- We repair tunnels, bridges and engineering structures,
- We develop roads and cycle paths,
- We recycle waste and convert it into new raw materials,
- We develop the clean energies of tomorrow, such as photovoltaic panels...

The environment is part of SERFIM's DNA. Our Pollution Control and Recycling activities were launched 40 and 30 years ago respectively!
By way of example, in 2022 our Recycling activity avoided the emission of almost 75,000 tonnes of CO2, and the burial of almost 278,000 tonnes of waste. Our decontamination businesses have treated more than one million cubic meters of water.

SERFIM maintenance of catchment works

Preserving water resources

For 36 years, SATIF has been supporting local authorities in the maintenance and repair of drinking water facilities. Consulting, monitoring, maintenance, cleaning, repair: our highly
technical interventions on wellfields throughout
France enable us to improve production
from wells and boreholes. By 2022, this means an additional 5,256,000 m3 of production from all
facilities regenerated by the company.

Re-fertilizing the land

Our Terenvie company was created in 2019 through a partnership between Serpol and the Vicat cement group. This platform is dedicated to the recovery of excavated soil from construction and public works projects using processes that have no impact on the environment.

Terenvie also recycles polluted soil into fertile soil, notably through rhizodegradation.
A platform that meets a number of challenges: responding to the scarcity of fertile soil, contributing to the greening of cities, recycling construction waste and preserving resources through the circular economy.
In 2023, Terenvie celebrated its 300, 000th tonne of recovered soil.

Developing connected territories for the benefit of the environment

SERFIM T.I.C., our branch dedicated to information and communication technologies, offers local authorities a turnkey platform for visualizing, monitoring and analyzing their energy and quality of life data:
Control energy consumption, measure and monitor air quality and noise levels, remotely meter water, gas and electricity, prevent flooding, optimize waste collection, etc.
The aim is to help local authorities
reduce their environmental footprint by closely monitoring their key indicators
and accurately measuring the impact of their environmental policies.

Keeping waste out of landfills

SERFIM Recyclage has developed a complete gypsum recycling chain in France. These operations go hand in hand with the creation of industrial partnerships, a signature synergy of the branch's action strategies. With its subsidiaries Nantet (Savoie) and Pari Plâtre (Seine-et-Marne), SERFIM Recyclage is now developing innovative industrial facilities for processing plaster waste and producing recycled gypsum.
Since 2011, more than 300,000 tonnes of material have been recycled thanks to the activities of these companies.

SERFIM Gypsum Recycling


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