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SERFIM Academy

SERFIM Académie was created in 2006 to enable all our employees to develop their skills and strengthen cohesion within the Group and its many companies. SERFIM Académie is our corporate university, a tailor-made tool designed to enhance your skills and the prospects of our businesses.

Alexandra Mathiolon

"If I wanted to make SERFIM Académie a fully-fledged subsidiary in 2020, it's because I firmly believe that the development of women and men within SERFIM is one of the major keys to our success in the face of the many societal, technological and even environmental challenges."

A tool first and foremost!

A tool to help men and women update and develop their managerial, technical and sales skills...

A tool to help companies cope with technological, regulatory and social changes in a constantly changing environment

Finally, a tool at SERFIM's service to develop cohesion between our companies and strengthen the sense of belonging of their employees.

The aim of SERFIM ACADEMIE is to find relevant training solutions for the development of all SERFIM employees.


Quality certification has been awarded for the following category of action : TRAINING ACTIONS. QUALIOPI is the quality certification mark for providers of actions contributing to skills development (OPAC).


SERFIM Académie is "datadocked"! Datadock is a database created by certifying bodies with the quality decree of June 30, 2015, with the aim of listingtraining centers suitable for delivering quality training .


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