CSR, a major challenge for our real estate businesses

"Contribute to a better quality of life by developing sustainable territories that respect the living world"
This is SERFIM's raison d'être.

The infrastructures we renovate or build must serve to help territories adapt to the already perceptible effects of climate change.

Our businesses have a role to play in ensuring the resilience of territories and preserving the quality of life of their inhabitants.

SERFIM Immobilier is committed, alongside all SERFIM entities, to an innovative and ambitious roadmap with the aim of selecting and implementing the most effective methods and means of reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency or transitioning to renewable energy sources, when renovating buildings:

- Insulation
- High-performance windows
- Efficient heating and cooling systems
- Energy-efficient lighting
- Renewable energies
- Building automation

We mobilize our partners in a voluntary approach that enables us to jointly and synergistically develop more responsible, ethical and sustainable strategies for projects that create long-term value for all stakeholders.

In particular, we give priority to projects involving substantial energy renovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a major issue in our businesses, particularly in the real estate sector.

Click here for our full 2023 CSR report to find out more about our actions.