Waste recycling and the production of secondary raw materials

Reception, sorting and preparation of wood waste

Eco3bois is a company sprung from the Serdex / Eger joint venture.

With the experience gained from a former partnership with the Franco-Austrian industrial group EGGER, SERDEX formally announced the creation of a joint venture company, Eco3bois. This new company now offers wood waste players (regional and local authorities, industry, etc.) a permanent solution combined with a valorization component to be achieved entirely in France. Serdex’s Saint Priest site is now dedicated to the wood recycling sector.

Reception, sorting and preparation of metals

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be handled by our platforms in the same way as for other types of waste. After being sorted, and processed if necessary (compaction, shearing, etc.), they are valorized through the metal-working channel.

Plaster waste valorization unit.

Nantet has taken out a patent enabling the valorization of plaster waste in a waste mix. The processing chain is located on the Francin (73) site and processes large quantities of plaster in waste mixes to obtain gypsum which is then recycled at Placoplatre ™. Serdex’s Saint Priest site is dedicated to the plaster recycling sector.

Recycling rejected windows

Serdex has developed a unique and innovative valorization branch to valorize more than 85% of components making up windows and doors. The aim is to prevent as much landfilling as possible and to participate in a circular economy approach that allows glass makers to introduce recycled glass as part of their process.


Mechanized sorting centres for the management of common industrial and construction waste

Serdex owns a mechanized sorting centre to valorize 70% of collected waste; this valorization percentage means that the discharge of end waste into landfills is kept to a minimum.

The company’s approved site at Port Edouard Herriot, Lyon, covers some 9000 m².

In 2007, Nantet acquired a mechanized sorting chain; this tool, the only one of its kind in Savoy, provides an excellent valorization rate for mixed waste that is brought in. Quantities discharged into landfills are in this way kept to a strict minimum; Nantet thus complies with its environmental commitments. Several jobs on the chain are occupied by people in job integration programs so underlining the social role of the company.