Treatment of waste leachgates

Serpol has developed numerous skills designed to extend the lifespan of waste storage facilities. One example was the rehabilitation of unused storage cells using the “landfill space still available” process or by building and operating units for the treatment and valorization of household waste. Serpol has simultaneously developed, in the context of these techniques, a leachgates treatment technique using reed bed filtering for non-hazardous waste storage installations : the ROSEAULIX process. ®

Operating and rehabilitation of Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Installations (ISDND in French)

Serpol is one of the few independent SMEs with the capacity :

to develop special processes for the treatment of  biogases and waste dump leachgates, to provide  a management and valorization service for waste (methanation, compaction) ;
to innovate with techniques appropriate to the operation and post-operation of waste storage installations ;
to offer involved public sector departments the design, delivery and running of waste storage installations (for non-inert waste, non-hazardous waste) and biological treatment using the expertise of Biovalis, a company specialized in mechanical-biological methods, methanation and co-composting.