Cleanliness/sanitation of towns and private sites

Serned has built up a comprehensive array of customized solutions for the cleaning of private sites or public spaces. This could be in the context of routine operations or in emergency situations (24/7 on-call service) and if necessary to handle waste, whether it be inert, common or hazardous waste, to repack it.

Serned and Nantet also offer the following services: repacking of goods, winter road maintenance, snow clearance of access roads and thoroughfares, post-accident site clean-ups, removal of graffiti and unauthorized stickers and the clean-up of unlawful discarding of liquids on roads.

Cleaning up insanitary, industrial or brownfield sites

Serned has long experience in the cleaning up of insanitary sites and uses what human and material resources are required while paying special attention to workers’ safety. Serned combines a rapid reaction capability with professionalism.

Clearing away unwanted material

Serned offers its public or private sector customers a service involving the clearing away of unwanted material from factories and offices using the appropriate human and material resources.

Mechanized sweeping and washing

Serned has the specific equipment necessary for its mechanized sweeping and washing operations in public spaces or on private sites.

High pressure cleaning

Serned has the necessary high pressure cleaning equipment for the cleaning of public conveniences, walls, street furniture, etc. The company’s equipment uses osmosis-purified water whose characteristic is to keep cleansing products to a minimum and restrict marks on glazed surfaces.

Removal of graffiti and unauthorized stickers

Serned has the necessary equipment appropriate for working on tagged walls. Before any operation, an agent assesses the best technique for the removal of graffiti. The selected technique naturally takes into account the type of surface on which graffiti are displayed to avoid damaging it.