5 companies: NANTET, SERNED, SERDEX, Carrières MBTP and ECO3BOIS

Cleaning, collection, sorting, reception, preparation, value-adding, etc, are the daily tasks of these operators for the public or private sector, backed by an on-call 24/7 service. Their know-how acquired from their experience in the management of building and civil engineering waste has granted them recognition as major regional recycling players, now marked by the creation of the Eco3chantiers brand ( R&D investments have allowed them to build partnerships with industry and to design waste value-adding facilities: the most important value-added facility of plaster in mixed waste in France, recycling of disused windows and creation of a new company: Eco3Bois, specialist in the conversion of wood waste into value-added products.

SERFIM Recycling designs and builds methanation and composting treatment facilities. It operates in France and abroad.